Today’s list isn’t my favorite, but as always there’s at least a few names worth looking at and trying to snatch up. As someone with a web design background I always am thinking about how I could build out certain sites like below, which tend to give a name like that a little more value to me than a name like might. A lot of the time the names like will go for more though largely due to the Chinese market. I think everyone has a different background, or different ideas for a domain name, and it makes the bidding interesting sometimes. Anyways, here’s today’s list: – History book about America. – Curious to see how much this goes for. It actually has a word in it. – Just add a random letter on the end haha. It will still sell. РNice name for a media company. – Lots of these out there. A comparision site with affiliate links might work well. – A fun, not too serious fantasy sports league with friends. – This could be a cool site for bands or sports teams or something. – Don’t like the .org, but huge search volume here. – Better than the typical news – I don’t usually put these on the list, but it’s a ‘slow’ day and this will certainly sell. – This is probably my 2nd favorite name on today’s list. – I like this name, but I don’t know if it would have a big market.

StretchingBench.comThis would need to be very some special product. РI thought of team building blocks, and of course blockchain. – I have which has gotten some interest, but this one might be too generic. – This is one of my favorite brandables I’ve seen in a while.

Do your own due diligence. Take time to research the domain names on this list that you might buy for yourself. Check the spelling, traffic statistics, potential trademarks, and everything else prior to purchasing. I spend hours looking through thousands of domain names in order to create this list. There are things that I can easily miss. This is why it is crucial that you research them for yourself. The names listed above are GoDaddy affiliate links. You should only buy domain names that you truly think are good, and not based on my list alone.