I know it’s still very early on in this journey for names at auction, but I’m looking into different ways to monetize this site. I have made almost nothing from affiliate links up to this point and I am considering a few different options. For now the site has lost me a couple hundred bucks overall, but I hope and think that in the long run it can be profitable, and beneficial to me and the viewers. I may put a mailing list signup form on the site that automatically can send my daily list post right to your email each day and see if that helps me at all. Please let me know if this is something that you’d be interested in. Thanks!

1world.org – I like this for a charity name, but it can get tricky with One or 1.


BUS.me – Easily one of the best names on today’s list.

ClearwaterSeafood.com – Clearwater Florida

Clockn.com – Brandable name


EliteAccountants.com – Who would want one that isn’t elite?



HeckYes.com – I had a friend who would say this phrase all the time.




MedicalMarijuana.cc – Not sure about .cc, but huge search volume – over 130k/month

OnlySmart.com – I thought of blockchain smart contracts right away.


PaymentSolutions.org – .com would work a lot better.

PickYourRoom.com – Hotel site

PixelCharge.com – Charge might not be the best word, but it could work.


RacingPass.com – Seems like a special sports racing TV package.

SafeYouth.org – Could be a variety of charity type sites for this.

SEMBook.com – Search Engine Marketing book.

SMM.me – Social Media Marketing

TeamMetrics.com – Great for reaching team goals and evaluating team member results.

TheFireDepartment.com – I generally don’t like “the” names but this could work.

TopChromebook.com – Focused review site.

TouchChart.com – People love touchscreens.


TravelingUSA.com – USA Travel blog or vlog.

Vertically.net – I like this one a lot. I think it has a positive vibe overall as well.


Do your own due diligence. Take time to research the domain names on this list that you might buy for yourself. Check the spelling, traffic statistics, potential trademarks, and everything else prior to purchasing. I spend hours looking through thousands of domain names in order to create this list. There are things that I can easily miss. This is why it is crucial that you research them for yourself. The names listed above are GoDaddy affiliate links. You should only buy domain names that you truly think are good, and not based on my list alone.