Hey everyone, I decided I’m going to stop making this daily list. After doing it and having it gain absolutely no traction on here and consuming more of my time than I was expecting it just doesn’t make much sense to continue to do. On top of that I have only “made” $15.02 in months of doing this in affiliate commissions. I say ‘made’ because I need to hit the $50 threshold just to get any of that money, which honestly doesn’t seem like it will happen when I haven’t made a penny in over a month of doing the list each day. I wanted this to this to help others out, and make at least something (even if it was just $100 per month) for my efforts, but it just has proved not to be worth it after spending a lot of my free time and a decent amount of money promoting the site. I hope at the least this site was able to help some people who were trying to find good expired names. Best of luck in your domaining.