Today’s list is a bit shorter than usual – sorry! Part of it comes down to me just not liking many names, but I have also been so busy between work and school at night that I haven’t had as much time to go through the lists. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m spending over an hour each time still haha. Anyways, here’s the list for today! – Be careful how you use this one! – Both the singular and plural available! – One of my personal favorites – One of my favorites – could be sharp style, looks, sharp as in smart? Many options! – Getting a bunch of bids. I like this name as well. – Always good to test different ads to see what’s converting. – Lots of characters, but lots of searches too.

Do your own due diligence. Take time to research the domain names on this list that you might buy for yourself. Check the spelling, traffic statistics, potential trademarks, and everything else prior to purchasing. I spend hours looking through thousands of domain names in order to create this list. There are things that I can easily miss. This is why it is crucial that you research them for yourself. The names listed above are GoDaddy affiliate links. You should only buy domain names that you truly think are good, and not based on my list alone.