Today’s list has a good mix of names. We’ve got a couple higher quality names that will go for a good amount of money. I generally refer to these as big boy names, as they’re out of the price range for most people. We’ve also got an awesome one which I’m sure will sell and be made into a funny website. Check out the rest of the names for today below! – I absolutely love this name. – This name will sell for sure. – When I saw this I thought of bakery. – I like it – getting bids already. – Lots of London names lately. – This name is perfect for a funny Donald Trump website. – This is a big boy name worth a lot of money. – It’s a long, but good name. – This combines too catchy/trendy domain words into one. – Vegas resorts would be better here. – Used in soccer/football. – Sounds like a cleaning product or cleaning company name.

Do your own due diligence. Take time to research the domain names on this list that you might buy for yourself. Check the spelling, traffic statistics, potential trademarks, and everything else prior to purchasing. I spend hours looking through thousands of domain names in order to create this list. There are things that I can easily miss. This is why it is crucial that you research them for yourself. The names listed above are GoDaddy affiliate links. You should only buy domain names that you truly think are good, and not based on my list alone.